Aware Check List


Weekend Information


Aware is fast approaching and your AWARE Planning team is busy preparing for an amazing weekend! 

Here are a few tips to help make your arrival and weekend go as smooth as possible! 

Arrival time

Please note that Elim will not be ready for your arrival until after 3:30.

Registration starts

Registration will start at 4:00 I will have your cabin/room assignments posted on the window of the Main Hall if you arrive between 3:30 and 4:00 you can get settled into your cabin/room and then return to the hall to register between 4:00-5:20! 


Dinner will be served at 5:30 in the dining hall.

What you may want to bring

  • Bible
  • umbrella
  • flashlight
  • extra pillows and blankets
  • tea or coffee for your room
  • notepaper
  • pen
  • warm pj.’s
  • an instrument (if you have one)
  • campfire chair
  • rain boots
  • fruit for snacks for your room (if you have space)
  • water-bottle
  • travel Mug

Other Information

If you have a small drum please bring it along to the weekend ,we have some fun activities planned! Please remember with this crazy weather to dress in layers and bring some indoor shoes or slippers to the hall if the weather continues to pour down, we will hope for rain over snow and ice! 

Finally be prepared to sing ,laugh, pray and have you spiritual fuel tanks filled. 

*Attention new comers there will be some ladies available upon your arrival to help you find your cabins/rooms look for some ladies wearing Hawaiian  Lei's!