Meet the Team!

The Chaplain/Speaker, Christine Watt

 "After years of a successful career in Toronto and after being widowed, Christine, with a searching hungry heart for meaning, love and purpose, finally found what she needed in Jesus Christ. Filled with His Spirit she then desired to read and study the Bible to know Him better.
So she gave up her career and enrolled at Wycliffe College, after which she was ordained in 2008. She served in various congregations including St. Paul's Bloor St. and Little Trinity in Toronto and Christ Church in Campbellford.
Now retired from full-time clerical ministry, at invitation Christine preaches the Good News of Jesus Christ at congregations of various denominations, rejoicing in our Lord with a desire that others would also come to know and grow in the wonderful Love and Peace of God through Jesus for themselves."

Music Leader: Jaine Klassen Jeninga

The music team this year is headed up by musician Jaine Klassen Jeninga who has attended AWARE for a few years. 

Marnie has worked in the music field for over thirty years. 

Jaine attained her Bachelor degree in Religious Studies and Arts (Music) at University of Winnipeg and Mennonite Brethren Bible College. She began her own music company Northumberland Mobile Music. She has been with St. John’s Port Hope since January 1997, as the Director of Music. 

Debbie Irwn, Chairperson/Registrar

 After being on the committee for a number of years and looking after retail,decorating singing on the music team and co chairing I am honored to be Chairing AWARE 2017 and our 25th Anniversary! I am a member of St John's Port Hope where I am a chalice bearer and sing in the choir.  I live in Camborne, just north of Cobourg, with Bill, my husband, of 30 years.  I have four children and 3 grand babies ! I am a Restorative Dental Hygienist and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner an enjoy helping people take control of their Wellness! Like many of you I am busy working, looking after my family and volunteering . I am so blessed to be able to attend AWARE each year and refuel my spiritual fuel tank! I am thankful for the friendships I have made  because of  AWARE and I am so Blessed to be apart of this amazingly worshipful  and loving group! See you I May! Debbie  

Bev Kelly, Decorating, Retail and Jack of All Trades

My name is Bev Kelly, I am a widow, I have 2 beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren who are the best thing ever. I have been attending Aware for 6 years. I have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing weekend. I am now part of the planning team and am thoroughly enjoying my time with these wonderful ladies. I am part of the Music team, co-chair of the decorating committee and this year I have given some help on the retail committee. I look forward to meeting new and returning friends.


Nancy Perrault, Co-Chair

 I have been attending Aware for about 20 years.  Working at Aware is a very rewarding experience and I enjoy my walk with God at Elim Lodge. I was a participant for many years although my journey changed when I offered to help with Small Groups in order to assist someone who was dealing with health issues.  That is where my journey started with the Committee.  

I am married to my husband for over 30 years.  We have four children and eight grandchildren.  I am retired and my other interests are quilting, machine embroidery, crocheting and knitting.

Brenda Ryan, Past Secretary

Prepares and distributes minutes and agenda to team members before the next team meeting
Updates financial records electronically to assist the Treasurer when needed
Maintains a record of current minutes
Maintains record of team members contact information
Maintains record of current job descriptions

Sandy Philp, Banner Cooridinator

I’m known as the Banner Lady. My job is to keep track of the banners and to make sure they are returned each year either at Prep Day or brought to AWARE. Working with this group of women is so inspiring that I look forward to our gatherings with anticipation. We pray together, laugh together, eat together and share ideas that bond us as Christian women. I’m a Mother and a grandmother with an interest in painting, fishing, pets and the First Nations’ culture. Our AWARE weekend has come to be a strong focal point in my life where I have met women not only strong in their faith but who open their hearts to others with love as our Saviour has taught us .  

Jennifer Bailey, Treasurer

My job as treasurer, is to look after the money and keep a balanced budget.

I have been attending Aware since 2004 and it is where I feel closest to God. 

I have made many friendships over the years and always look forward to seeing familiar and new faces every year! 

Judy Grimshaw, Small Group Coordinator

Hello my sisters in Christ.  It is truly an honour to be a member of this dedicated group.  Being new, I will be looking for guidance and support.  From my baptism as a babe in arms to the present day I am a member of St. John's Port Hope and presently in the choir.  I retired last year after serving 20 years as a lay reader.  In 2015 I retired from nursing after 45 years.  I have been married to Don since 1973 and we have two sons, Les and Michael.  A proud grandma to William and Charlotte.  I look forward to reuniting with all of you.  God Bless.

Jackie Brimblecombe, Retail Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator & Secretary

 I coordinate the purchasing of retail items to be sold each year.   Once the team prayerfully decides the new theme, and colours that would enhance the theme, I propose some possible articles, and the team decides which products would be great! I'd love some help selling for the weekend.  I have been married for 38 years, with a 42 year old daughter, a 21 year old grandson, and a 39 year old son. Obviously there's some history there! I am a woman of prayer, and long to share the love of Jesus with others. I enjoy singing in the choir, working at Treasure Trove, the church's clothing outreach program, visiting the sick, and leading a church prayer chain.

Lynda Todd, Workshop Coordinator

After a couple years at Aware I was excited to join the Organzing Team.  I enjoy organizing the Workshops and participating as a Small Group Facilitator.  Married to Brian, we are celebrating 28 years this year and have an eleven year old son, Max, and our daughter, Lacey, hits 13 this year.  

Heather Gillies, Master of Ceremonies

Every year for the past 16 or so years I have had the privilege of acting as your M.C. during our weekend.   My job is to try to get the weekend moving smoothly and on time, while providing general and hopefully helpful information from the microphone.  I also enjoy bringing stories, or insights from the interactions of our participants, our natural environment, the words of our speaker and the songs in our hearts.


Dianne Morris, Ambassador

 Diane Morris and her team spread goodwill to everyone throughout the weekend. If this is your first time at AWARE, Diane and her team will ensure that all your needs are met. 

Violet White, Phone Liason

  Violet spends many hours contacting  new  registrants to make them feel welcome and awnswer any questions they may have to make their experience of the weekend even better.    -She addresses  any  concerns  or questions they might have.  Liaise  with Registrar and/ or Team Leader     - Get new registrants phone numbers  

Susan Foote, Decorating

 Susan uses her creative talents to create the ambiance of the weekend.  She works tirelessly on design and fabrication of displays.  She is responsible for the purchase of  decorations within budget and adding to the theme. She plans a promise tree and/or arranges for volunteers to do it. The auditorium is decorated with input from team to enhance the theme. During the weekend she looks after anything that is needed in the hall during the weekend (equipment etc.).  Busy, busy, busy! If you would like to help with decorating she would welcome some extra hands.  


Alexa White-Hawley, Web and social media

We contribute where we can. I support the website and social media activities. Please feel free to join our Facebook Group: search for Aware Peterborough.